Easter finale

In the last couple of weeks I’ve shared some thoughts about why we celebrate Easter. I’ve also shared some music which I thought would help us focus on Jesus, and on the cross, during this important time of the year.

Today will be the last of my blog posts for this year, which will focus predominately on Easter. That said, there’s one song which I haven’t shared this Easter, but which has been going through my mind quite a lot in the last couple of days – The song in question is one I’ve shared in previous years, and it’s called He Had To Hold To Calvary.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that God always knew the time would come when he would need to sacrifice Jesus to save mankind. I can’t imagine what that must be like, knowing you’d have to sacrifice someone you love, to save others. I think that’s why this song has always challenged me, because it talks about Jesus having to die to save us.

That image of Christ, bloodied and in agony on the cross, are ones I never want to forget. Because they signify everything Christ endured for us. Everything which ultimately culminated in his dead and resurrection.

Just because Easter is now past for this year, I pray I never forget the significance of Easter and all that Jesus sacrificed for me

Here’s the song I referred to earlier, He Had To Hold To Calvary, I hope it inspires you to always remember to celebrate Easter every day of the year.

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