What’s your worth?

When you think of how much something is worth do you always think of it terms of monetary terms?

Money isn’t the ‘worth’ I’m thinking of. Instead I’m thinking more in terms of how valuable your friendship, your words or your advice is to others.

Maybe you are always able to give the reassuring or supportive words that someone needs whenever they are at their lowest point.

Maybe you’re always available regardless of time, day or night, just to listen when a friend needs someone to talk to.

It could be you’re not even aware how valuable your words, or your time have been to someone, as you haven’t actually realised just how in need the recipient was. Maybe they told you later, but maybe you’ve never found our how invaluable your support has been.

It is of course possible that you feel you have no worth, that you’re never able to say or do the right thing for yourself or others. But it’s simply not true, you do have worth, because God values each one of use unconditionally.

So if ever you doubt your worth to yourself or to anyone, remember you may have made someone’s days by your words or action, but never know about it. More importantly though, God knows your true worth, and he thinks you are invaluable!

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