Three faces

I came across the following picture when I was looking for an image to use in last Friday’s post They Don’t Know You.

Does this describe you? Do you have different ‘faces’ that you only reveal to specific people?

I have to say I immediately stopped when I saw this image, as it accurately describes me. Yes, I am a very private person as many of you will know, so there’s a lot about me that only those I’m closest with know, and yes there are some thing which I have never and will never share with anyone else.

Just because there’s some things about me I never share with anyone, doesn’t mean no-one knows about them, as God knows everything about me – my thoughts and feelings, my fears and my desires.

God knows everything about each one of us. So don’t try and hid anything from God, because us better than we know ourselves, and simply wants the best for us always.

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