Alone and hurt

I came across the following quote by Michael Jackson last week – I must admit that I found it really sad and upsetting.

I can relate to part of his statement where he comments that, “People think they know me, but they don’t”. I’ve had a number of folk tell me at various times in my life, particularly during some difficult times, that they “know exactly how I feel”. But how can they, as they aren’t me – we all like and dislike different things; we all react differently to situations we find ourselves in; we all feel different emotions when we struggle with life – so how can anyone possibly really know how another person feels.

It’s sad that just because someone is famous, i.e. Michael Jackson, we probably assume they have lots of great friends around them, so they can’t possibly be lonely.

However, as I’m sure I’ve said before, it is possible to be lonely and feel alone, even when surrounded by lots of people. It is not a nice feeling, and so I can to some extent understand Michael’s words when he said, “it hurts to be me”.

For me, although I struggle at times with feelings of loneliness, I am reassured in the knowledge that God is always with me, so there’s no need to feel alone or hurt. I pray that everyone who feels alone or hurt will know they need never feel this way, as God is there by their side always.

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