We can be God’s candle

Last year on Saturday 1 June 2019, Bellshill Salvation Army Band were asked to take part in the Salvation Army Music and Creative Arts festival, Symphony Sounds in Symphony Hall, Birmingham. It was a huge honour for our corps band – It was one of the most amazing experiences of my Salvation Army banding to-date – although it was very nerve-racking knowing we the privilege of being the first corps band to be asked to take part in the meeting!

In this last week since the anniversary of my Symphony Sounds experience a lot of posts from Symphony Sounds have popped up in my Facebook memories, so I’ve been reliving some of those memories in photos and videos. In watching the finale from the night which was a tribute to Major Joy Webb and included a number of her songs, I’ve been reminded of a couple of songs which are perfect for the dark times we are currently living in. So today I want to share one of those with you, it’s the song ‘The Candle of the Lord’.

I want to share a video of Gaz Rose playing this song as a euphonium solo, it’s excellent, and the video completely captures the meaning of the words and the melody.

The words ask this question

Is there a light that's strong enough to go
And clearly light the way mankind must try to go?

And then give us the answer, that we can be God’s light in this dark world

I am the candle of the Lord
Where truth and love more powerful than sword
Oh fan the flame it's single gleam diffuse
And let my spirit be the light that you can use
I am the candle of the Lord

I pray that each day I will be God’s candle shining bright in this dark world.

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