Random notes

I was clearing through some files on my laptop and came across a Word document entitled ‘Blog notes’. I wasn’t sure what this was as the file itself was dated a few years ago. So I opened it – When I read the contents I had a little laugh to myself, as although it was written a few years ago, nothing has changed – at least it hadn’t prior to lockdown.

I bet you’re now curious what was in the document, well here’s what it said.

Today was my first day back at work after being on leave for just over a week. Like most people after been off, I wished I didn’t have to go back to work today, so it was a bit of an effort to get out of bed this morning.
For those of you who do not work in an office environment I apologise, as you may not be able to relate to what follows.
Having got myself to work, I found myself having to deal with a number of things which always seem to be there when I go back to work. I’m going to list a number of observations I’ve made in this respect, and would be interested to know if anyone else experiences the same things on returning to work:-
o   The mystery of the missing stapler – the one you left in your desk that is nowhere to be found now…and no one claims to have used it!
o   Where are all your pens?
o   Your chair is either
    -  Not at your desk – it’s been moved to someone else’s desk
    -  Has been adjusted so the height/tilt etc is not how you like it
o   There’s a pile of documents/magazines on your desk that aren’t yours, and you didn’t ask for them - it turns out they’ve just been left there because “your desk was free”
o  The coffee “thief” has returned - You seem to have less coffee left than you thought you had been you went on holiday!
o   Your email inbox is full to overflowing and it takes most of the day to work your way through them and determine which are spam, which have been dealt with by someone else, which you need to action and which are purely for information only
o   You have at least one voicemail message from someone telling you they require you to call them urgently, despite your voicemail message indicating you’re on holiday until today!
o   And finally…
o   Your mug has disappeared
Do these things only happen to me? Do they happen in your office too?

Yes, I had little laugh to myself as these observations I listed a few years ago still happen every time I’m not in the office, even just for a few days!

I started thinking about which of these things actually annoyed me most – Can you guess? For me, it’s probably my chair being moved and/or adjusted. It takes time to get your seat into the settings which are most comfortable for you, so when someone messes with them, it’s like starting all over again getting your seat into the position you like it.

What’s your most annoying thing that you find when you return to the office after being on holiday or out the office for a while?

I have now deleted that document – I’m not entirely sure why I had kept that document, but at least because I had kept it, I did get a wee laugh today when I read it.

It’s good to laugh.

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