Dedication song

Last Saturday (11 July 2020) was what a special day for a number of people, because it was commissioning day for the cadets who have been studying at William Booth College for the last two years, to become Salvation Army officers. It’s the day they ‘graduate’ from college having been commissioned as Salvation Army officers and receive their appointments (details of where the Salvation Army wants them to serve as officers). Cadets are given a name for their session, and this year the graduating cadets are members of the ‘Messengers of the Kingdom’ session.

All officers are soldiers who have been called by God into leadership and service within The Salvation Army. This calling is tested through assessment, practical experience and reports from various sources, both inside and outside The Salvation Army.

Successful candidates follow a two-year residential training programme or a distance learning programme, to become a Salvation Army officer. At the conclusion of this training, a commissioning ceremony is held and new officers are appointed to a specific community and corps (church) or a social services appointment. For the next five years, there is continual learning and feedback.

The Salvation Army UK with the Republic of Ireland website

Each year, the cadet session have a Dedication Song that is reflects the new officers’ (Lieutenants) calling to serve God, as they start their ministry as officers in the Salvation Army.

This year their special dedication song that was written by Yvonne Field. I’ve found myself listening to it over and over again in tis last week, reflecting on the words of the song, and considering if I am where God wants me to be, and doing what He needs me to do.

The words of the chorus say

With the gift of your Spirit working within us,
Deeply and gently, infused with your power;
The gift of your Spirit working within us,
Beyond all we dreamed of,
Beyond all imagined,
To you be the glory,

Commissioning is a significant day for those making sacred commitments to serve God. I’ve spend much time in my own reflections this week in prayer considering if I am where God wants me to be. How about you, is God calling you to do something specific? Have you answered His call?

You can watch the full commissioning service on the Salvation Army website or YouTube channel.

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