Yesterday I had my first hairdresser appointment since the end of February, because of lockdown. It’s always a bit if a boost when I get my hair done, but I must be honest and say, I’ve never been so happy to get my hair done as I was yesterday.

Unlike some, I wasn’t desperate to get my hair done specifically because it needed cut (other than to tidy up the ends) – It’s been one advantage of having longer hair, and no fringe during lockdown! However, for me the biggest issue with my hair has been the colour – Never have my roots been so bad as they were before yesterday!

If you haven’t been at a hairdressers or barbers since they reopened following lockdown, you may not be aware how different an experience going to the hairdressers is now – From the moment you turn up at their door, things have changed

  • I couldn’t just walk in off the street, I had to wait to be told it’s safe to enter, and had to have my mask on before entering.
  • All the hairdressers are wearing PPE, masks and disposable plastic aprons, and there were screens between all the seats.
  • As soon as I entered, I had to use the hand sanitiser, and then place my jacket and handbag into a carrier bag I had to bring with me – I had to keep my bag with me throughout my time in the salon.
  • I was then are directed to ‘my’ seat where the colour technician put on my colour. I remained in that seat throughout.
  • I was then told when to go to the basins where I was told which seat to sit in. The main difference I noted with this again was the screens between the basins, and all the towels were paper disposable ones.
  • After my colour was washed out, I had to remain in the seat for a couple of minutes, before I was then asked to stand over at the other side of the salon for a minute while another client was brought through to the other basin.
  • While i stood for a minute, the seat I had been in at the basin was cleaned ready for the next client.
  • Once the other client was seated at the basin I hadn’t been at, I was then told to go through to another seat where my hairdresser was waiting for me.
  • My hair was then cut and blow dried.
  • Instead of paying at the till, I had to pay at my seat, and leave any tip in a tips tin at my seat which the hairdresser will clean/disinfect later.
  • Then instead of leaving immediately, I was asked if I wanted to make my next appointment then, so I’m all booked in for 4 weeks time!
  • I then had to wait to be told when it was ok for me to leave the salon.
  • One other thing you will find different during your salon visit is that you will not be given any magazines or offered tea/coffee – If you want any of these things during your time at the salon, you must take them with you.

It was a very different experience at the hairdressers, but one which I have to say was very organised and well co-ordinated by the salon. When I made my appointment I was told all the changes to expect during my salon visit, so was well prepared for what to expect. The salon did a fantastic job, making sure all social distancing rules were adhered to, and that every effort was taken to keep both them and all of their clients safe – well done guys!

I hope this gives you an insight into your next visit to the hairdressers if you haven’t already been.

Good luck!

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