Working from home?

I have to go for regular check ups at my local health centre. I usually walk there and back but as it was wet when I was due to go there this week so instead of walking, I went in the car.

In the car, the Kaye Adams programme was on the radio, and for the short time I listened to it, I was aware there were two topics that seemed to be being discussed that morning.

1. Cliches we don’t like

2. How people are finding working from home

I wasn’t really listening to the programme in any detail as I was only in the car for a short time both going to, and coming from the health centre. However one bit of the discussion did catch my attention when Kaye was reading out some comments people had sent in about how they were finding working from home – Here’s what they said:

It’s not so much working from home, as living at work.

Unknown, on Kaye Adams radio show (BBC Scotland)

Those words really struck me, as I’m aware of a lot of people who are finding they are working longer hours at home than they were in the office. I’m also aware of some who are finding separating their work and personal life much more difficult now they are working from home full-time.

How about you, are you finding you’re working from home, or living at work, since you’ve been working at home full-time?

Personally I quite like working from home as it gives me more flexibility about start and finish times, and means I can take a break when I need and just make up my time later. It also makes doing the washing and putting it outside to dry, much easier!

However the thing I find hardest is not having my colleagues around – the banter was always good in the office. Yes we have online meetings (too many some days), where we get to ‘see’ one another and chat, but it’s never quite the same as actually sitting beside them. I am conscious though that for some of my colleagues who live alone, this had been the only time they have had to ‘see’ and speak to others during lockdown. That has meant that at these online meetings have given them the ability to ‘see’ and speak to other people, which has to be a good thing.

I can’t imagine how much more difficult lockdown and working from home would have been if technology hadn’t allowed us to ‘meet’ online. It would have made working from home so much more difficult I’m sure.

At least now lockdown measures are easing, and life is starting to get back to some sort of ‘normality’, life at home can start to be more separate from our work-life as we can now go out and into shops, cafes and hairdressers (to name just a few places), meaning we can have a little of our social life back.

I hope you have been managing to keep your work and personal life well-balanced and separate, even if you have been working from home.

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