You’re awesome!

Has anyone ever told you that you are awesome?

When we share a photo of ourselves or share a details of a special moment on social media, our friends and family let us know how much they like it by clicking like or love on our post. When they do that they make me smile – not because I was seeking their approval of the post, but simply because they have taken the time to express their feelings about my photo or post.

It’s good when others take time to express their feelings or support for us isn’t?

Sometimes we share a photo or a status because something special has happened, or a unique photo opportunity has arisen. Other times, we do so because we’re struggling, feeling alone or depressed or maybe even grieving for a loved one. It’s those times when we share our true feelings, that we’re most appreciative of the love and support others show us in response to our post, that shows just how awesome our friends and family are.

Friends and family are awesome aren’t they? They show their love and support for us when we share moments of great joy, but also when we open our hearts and share some of our lowest moments as well.

So to those of you who have ever showed your love and support to me or anyone else during their darkest times, thank you, you are amazing, and inspirational, and most definitely awesome.

Now I ask you, and challenge you to tell your friends and family how awesome they are!

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