Safety blanket

I’m sure we’ve all heard of children who carry around a blanket with them, as a ‘safety blanket’, to protect them from danger and ‘hold’ them while they try to sleep.

Maybe that’s why in times of need, some adults also turn to a ‘safety blanket’ – prayer! It’s like something reminds them inside that there is someone who can be their safety blanket during their time of need, and so they turn to God in prayer.

However although prayer is like a ‘safety blanket’ for some only during times of need, for others of us, prayer is a way of life, something we do naturally without having to set reminders or triggers to tell us to pray.

I recently read an article which highlighted some reasons why praying helps us. I’d like to share a few of these with you:

  • Prayer gives us hope – When we go through a very emotional time, prayer helps us believe that there is hope in getting through that time. It helps us believe that there is a higher being that we can help shoulder our burdens. Having hope does not mean that things will turn out the way we want it to, however when we trust someone else with our problems it helps lift the burden from ourselves.
  • Praying improves our attitude – Prayer helps you be humbled. Through prayer we come to realise how large the world is and how minor our problems are compared to those faced by others. When praying for other people we tend to sympathise with them, rather focus on our own problems. When we pray in a positive way, we will see a change in our overall attitude, and feel happier, both mentally and socially.
  • Prayer helps us gain forgiveness – By praying we open ourselves up to forgiveness. It is important that we acknowledge our mistakes, after all, we’re human, so make mistakes. Praying helps us forgive ourselves for those past mistakes so that we can move on.
  • Praying help us recover from emotional or difficult situations – After a situation leaves you emotionally or physically distraught, recovery is a timely process. Prayer gives us a way to deal with the aftermath of that trauma while staying faithful. Your mind and body are focused solely on healing, while prayer keeps you centred and hopeful.

Without realising it, whether we use prayer only as a ‘safety blanket’ or as a part of our daily life, we’re actually looking after ourselves in a way you probably haven’t considered. Therefore, as we read in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing!”

Are you praying without ceasing?

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