Out of office

By the time you read this blog post, I will have put my ‘out of office’ message on at work, and signed-off my laptop for the last time until 17 August.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been counting down the day until I was off for a week, not because we’re going away anywhere or doing anything in particular next week (other than some work in the house), but because I need a break, and time to chill. We’re going through a lot of changes at work, resulting in some things, and situations being quite difficult and frustrating for a while, particularly in the last couple of weeks.

I’m therefore looking forward to clearing my mind of work related thought and stresses, and just chilling and doing what I (and hubby) want to do. I’m sure that’ll not stop thoughts of some work situations coming into my mind next week, but I’m hoping those are just fleeting thoughts and they will not ‘park’ themselves in my mind during my time off.

This week has been particularly difficult

  • Out of the blue being told something we’d previously been told was not a requirement for us.
  • Having to undertake a role not normally performed by IT professionals, with little knowledge of expectations or outputs or timescales other than it was time critical!

As you see, I’ve given only high level details of some of the issues, as I don’t want to go into specifics about particular people or situations. Hopefully though you’ve understood why I’ve struggled this week particularly, and will realise this is why I’ve found it difficult at times to prepare my blog posts and get the scheduled in advance for my usual post time – I apologise if you’ve ‘missed’ any of my posts because I was late posting them a few days this week.

Hopefully now I’m off for a week, I can get myself organised again, and normal service will resume with my posts being scheduled at my usual time.

Thank you for bearing with me this week. And thanks for reading my blog.

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