Schools are back

This week saw first teachers and then pupils returning to school for the first time since schools were shutdown in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This to many will make them think that life is definitely ‘back to normal’, now the schools are back. However just because the schools are back does not mean our way of life has returned to how it was before this pandemic landed on our shores. Indeed school-life from what I hear from friends who are teachers, as well as from some friends’ children, is very far from ‘back to normal’.

I understand that many parents have been anxious about sending their children back to school, and that is understandable as the virus is still here and we cannot be 100% certain that reopening our schools and getting all children and staff back ‘in school’, will not result in the virus becoming more prevalent amongst pupils and staff alike. I also understand that teachers and other school staff, and not only anxious, but many also feel they have been left very vulnerable to the virus because of what they tell me is the ‘lack of precautions and protection’ they feel has been put in place to help ensure their safety, especially as it’s been shown that school aged children seem to be less prone to suffering symptoms of COVID-19, and therefore may be carriers of the virus without even realising they have the virus.

I personally, do not know enough about the protective measures that have been put in place in schools for pupils or staff, to be able to say for certain whether it has been the right decision for schools to go back or not. That said, it does sound as if teachers and other school staff have not been given enough information or guidance to assure them that both they and their pupils will be safe.

For these reasons I have prayed a lot this week for both pupils and school staff, as they have returned to our school building, for their safety and that those in charge of decision making about our schools, will make informed decisions with the safety of everyone at the centre of those decisions.

I ask that you join me in praying:

Father I come before you once again as our schools have reopened this week. Many have concerns for the safety of the children, teachers and other staff because of the significant changes which have to be in place in the schools, to allow everyone to return to the buildings. 

I pray for all the families who either have children going to school, or who themselves are teachers or support staff at the schools, many are worried but feel they have no options to help them ensure either safety. I know you will be with each one of them and that you know their worries and concerns, so I ask that you help them to calm their fears knowing that you are watching over them. There may be nothing they can physically do to alleviate their fears, but by praying I know you will surround them with your love and protection.

For those in government and school management who make the decisions about our schools, and how they run to help ensure the safety of everyone there, give them the knowledge and guidance they need to make the right decisions during these times of great uncertainty and worry.

We know you are in control, and will continue to watch over us, so in your name I ask these things.


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