Still hungry?

I was deeply saddened to read a few days ago of a young malnourished boy being found beside his dead mother’s body, in Glasgow. From what I’ve read there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the woman’s dead, just unexplained circumstances.

Refugee charity Positive Action in Housing said the woman had claimed asylum and was living in “extreme poverty”. They said the woman contacted them a few weeks ago and told them that she did not have enough money to look after herself or her child.

I found it shocking that in this country where tonnes of uneaten or unwanted food is discarded on a weekly basis, that there are still many who go hungry on a daily basis, and sadly it sounds like this young family may have been finding it very difficult to find food and water.

How can this still be happening in this day in age so close to home?

I obviously don’t know the circumstances surrounding this particular case that hit the news a few days ago, but I do know they will not be the only ones who have found it difficult to get enough food to eat. What can we do to help? One of the things we can do is donate food to food banks in your own area – many churches and community centres have been co-ordinating and distributing food to those in need in their area, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just a few weeks ago after getting our weekly shop, we realised we had miscalculated the amount of food we needed for the following week, and had ended up with some surplus food. Unfortunately when we tried to find a local food bank that could use the foodie found they were all closed. On contacting a friend from Rutherglen Salvation Army, they were able to pass the food to a local family that they knew of who were struggling to make ends meet. I haven’t told you this for self-glorification, but simply to let you know that there definitely are those in my local area, and I’m sure your local area, who are in need of help to make ends meet.

Don’t forget how much you have and how little others have. Instead remember there are those who still go hungry on a daily basis, and I’m sure there are people in that situation near you. So go on, help feed someone today by donating something to a food bank near you.

Let’s rid our country and our world of hunger!

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