Long ago

Once upon a time I had a week off work. We spent that week clearing out, cleaning and reorganising one of the rooms in our home. It was a busy physical week, so it was a tiring week for us. That said the end result proved it had been a successful week!

Based on the title of this blog post, how long ago do you think my week off work was? A few weeks, a few months or a few years? Well believe it or not it was just two weeks ago!

I’ve probably confused you now because of the title of this blog post, so let me explain – yes, I’ve just completed my second week back at work after my week off, but my week’s leave already feels like months ago!

I know after time off work, your holidays always seem a distant memory as soon as you ‘step back into the office’ on your return from leave. However, I think given current circumstances, and home and workplace being one and the same place, it is making it much harder to feel as if you’re actually ‘getting a break’ from work, even when you’re on annual leave at home.

Maybe for me that week’s leave just seems a long time ago already because I’m in need of more time off; maybe I’m just finding it harder to separate home and workplace as I’ve been working from home since lockdown happened; maybe it’s because this was the first full week off I’d had since the start of this year; or maybe it’s just how we all feel just now since home and workplace have become one and the same thing.

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