Our Father

How many times over the years do you think you’ve said ‘The Lord’s Prayer’?

I can’t imagine how many times I’ve said ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. I do know though that many of the times when I’ve said it, I’ve simply repeated the words I’ve been taught, without really thinking about what I’m actually saying. I know that’s a bit of an admission, but I simply want to be honest, and reinforce that just because I’m a Christian doesn’t make me perfect, and it certainly doesn’t make me think I’m perfect.

We were all taught ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at a young age, and that was done for a reason. Looking back now, I’m not sure anyone ever really explained what the words of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ actually meant at the time I being taught it.So much so, it wasn’t util years later that I actually stopped to think about what I was saying as I prayed, and fully understood the meaning of that prayer.

The next time you find yourself being asked to say ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, I encourage you to not just repeat the words of the prayer as you were taught, but believe in what you are praying for as you say ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. if we don’t believe what we pray for, how can we expect God to answer our prayers.

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