Today is the letter “A”

August has gone, and we’re now almost a week into September.

As usual the weather seems to know when we move from August to September, as this week it has definitely felt more autumnal.

Always a bit of a breeze.

And more noticeably, several degrees cooler than it was just a few weeks ago.

Also we’ve noticed that we’re having to close the blinds and turn on the lights in the house much earlier in the evening.

All of this seems to have happened very quickly over the space of just a week or two.

Autumn is here, and soon the leaves will be noticeably turning yellow or brown, and start falling from the trees.

Another summer is over, autumn is here and soon we’ll be in the depths of winter.

Awareness of current world situation with the COVID-19 pandemic make the coming seasons more concerning than usual.

All of us must take all the required precautions to help keep us safe when we enter the seasons where winter flu is already a big concern.

Autumn is here, and we should enjoy the colours and the changes in nature due to the change in season.

All we can do is enjoy the autumn season, and pray for the world as we move into the unknown when the colder weather arrives.

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