Light their way

Yesterday in The Light Is On, I reminded you that our path to God is always available. Not only is it always available, God leaves a light on for us, to light our way, to make it easier for us to find our way to Him.

Even although God leaves a light on for us to find our way to Him, some will still not know how to find God. It’s like you leave your porch light on so your family can find their way home, but if they’re not actually in the right street, they will never see your porch light.

That means that some people need a little bit more direction to find their way to the right address with the porch light on. This is where we come in – Our job as Christians is to tell people about God, to get them started in the route to the right address, to God. So we must be God’s light, to show others the way to God.

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