Make it count

‘Make a name for yourself’ – Is that what you’re dreaming of doing in your life? Nad if so, what does it mean to you to ‘make a name for yourself’?

I think it would be fair to say the majority of us would love to ‘make a name for ourselves’ by who we are or what we achieve in our lives, and leave a lasting mark or legacy on this world.

Jesus made his short time on earth count. He showed the world what it meant to be the Son of God, to be made in God’s image. Because of that his legacy lives on.

Make it count, leave a mark, build a name for yourself
Dream your dreams, chase your heart, above all else
Make a name the world remembers

As Christians we have a responsibility to keep Jesus’ legacy going, by making our lives count. Not necessarily by making a name for ourselves, but reminding the world that all we need is Jesus.

And I, I don't want to leave a legacy
I don't care if they remember me
Only Jesus
And I, I've only got one life to live
I'll let every second point to Him
Only Jesus

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