Christ in me

One song that has always been special to me ever since I first heard it, is Christ In Me – lyrics by Colin Fairclough and music by Yvonne Field.

It is one of very few song which I’ve found over the years, actually make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and send a shiver down my spine of those songs, of which I’ve found only a few over the years, that when we sing it made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. That might seem a strange reaction to you, but to me it always reminds me of God’s presence in my life, and my responsibility to let others see God by the way I live my life.

I simply pray that even though I often think I know better than God, and so ‘do my own thing’, that He will continue to help me to be the person He knows I can be. By doing that, I know others will see Christ, and only Christ in me.

Christ of Glory, Prince of Peace,
Let thy life in mine increase;
Though I live may it be shown
‘Tis thy life and not my own.
Dwell within, that men may see
Christ, the living Christ, in me.

Answer now my soul’s desire,
Purge my heart with holy fire,
Soothe the hurt with gentle balm,
Breathe within my life thy charm,
Fill me now, so shall there be
Christ, the holy Christ, in me.

Gracious Lord, thy grace apply,
Both to save and sanctify;
All my life wilt thou control,
Calmly ordering the whole,
That the world may ever see
Christ, and only Christ, in me.


  1. I love this songster piece. We used to use it, but on listening to this tonight, I realise we haven’t used it in a while. Will need to get S/L to dig this one out again. Thank for reminding me Christ must be in me to show others God’s love, and thanks for reminding me of this beautiful melody

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    1. No problem. This is one of my favourite songster songs. If you’re going to get the song back out again, I’m fairly sure it in the 1993 grey Musical Salvationist book – I think possibly the October issue.
      Enjoy singing it again 🙂

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