You know how much

Has anyone ever asked you, or have you ever asked someone else, “How much do you love me?”

Have you ever given the answer, or been given the answer, “You know how much I love you”?

Is that actually a valid answer to the question that was asked, as how can anyone know how much we as individuals love them, if we don’t tell them?

Similarly, how will those who have never experienced God’s love for themselves, know just how much God loves them if we, who have experienced His love, she that experience and knowledge with them.

So next time someone asks you, “How much do you love me?”, tell them exactly how much you love them. Don’t just tell them they know how much, because maybe they just need to hear those words from you today.

When I was in my teens and was struggling to decide if the Salvation Army was where I should be, our songsters (senior choir) at Rutherglen Salvation Army, sang a beautiful song by Howard Davies called, ‘Lord, You Know That I love You’ – I found the music and particularly the words of the song really spoke to me that day, and on many occasions since then.

Lord, You know that we love You;
You know our thoughts and intentions,
Know the depth of devotion
Found in our lives today.
If our love has weakened, if our fervour has waned,
Turn us, Lord, by Your Spirit,
Let us love with love unfeigned.

Lord, You know that we love You!
Help that love to be true;
Fill our lives with Your Spirit’s power,
Lord of love, make us strong –
We who to Christ belong.

Lord, You know that we fail You;
Our sins, how sorely they grieve You!
Many times have we fallen;
Lord, lift us up again.
May we walk to be worthy of the call that is ours;
May Your will and Your purpose
Claim our undivided powers!

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