Come to my heart

Kneeling in penitence I make my prayer,
Owning my weaknesses and my despair;
Failure I cannot hide,
Broken my selfish pride,
Pardon thou dost provide,
Pardon declare.

Nothing can I achieve, nothing attain;
He that without thee builds, labors in vain;
Shatter my own design,
Shaping a plan divine,
Come to this heart of mine,
Saviour, again.

Though few the gifts I have that thou canst use,
Make thy demands on me; I'll not refuse;
Take all there is of me,
Take what I hope to be;
Thy way at last I see,
Thy way I choose.

This week the words and music of this Gowans and Larsson song have been in my head. I’m not sure why.

I’ve found myself considering the words of this song in greater detail than I probably have before. What a great view of our life and our time here on earth is described by with simplicity in these words. It’s also a wonderful reminder that our time is limited but with the glorious declaration this this life is not the end of our story!

Thy way at last I see,
Thy way I choose.

I choose God’s way, do you?

I encourage you to kneel before God and seek His forgiveness by giving him your all. Choosing God’s way, is definitely the only way to be assured of your future.

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