Be Still

It’s funny how certain songs or pieces of music, remind us of particular people. So imagine my delight when at the start of this year, the leader of our Salvation Army Band in Bellshill, brought out a piece of music entitled ‘Be Still’ for us to work on – It is beautiful setting of the tune Finlandia, written by Jean Sibelius, arranged by Dorothy Gates, and Finlandia was one of my Dad’s favourite pieces of music.

So the band (BSAB) works on this piece for a number of weeks, and then national lockdown in the UK happened in March. Since then we’ve been unable to meet to play together as a band which has been difficult for us all. However in October our bandmaster told us that to celebrate our corps (church) 125th anniversary on 15 November this year, we were going to record ‘Be Still’ virtually as a band, and share it during our anniversary meeting on Zoom.

So this morning during our Zoom worship, all our sections (junior and senior bands and choirs) presented their virtual recording. ‘Be Still’ was played and it was beautiful, the words and music blended wonderfully.

Rather than share the recording with you directly on here, I want to direct you to our band Facebook page or our website, where you can watch and listen to ‘Be Still’ for yourself.

On Facebook you can find ‘Be Still’ here:

And on our website you can find ‘Be Still here:

I hope you enjoy the music and are blessed by our playing.

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