Review your day

Ever had one of those really rotten days where you just wish the day would end, so you could start afresh tomorrow? I think we’ve all had days like that, when the whole day goes really badly.

When you have one of those days, did you stop to review the day, and consider whether it really was just as bad as you thought?

Yes, it might have been an awful day for numerous reasons, but I’m sure if we look hard enough at our day we confined some good.

Maybe you still think there’s no good to be found in a day that was the worst, well how about these suggestions for good that came out of that day:

  • You woke up that morning, so you were still alive!
  • Regardless of how awful the day was, you still successfully made it through the day, so could recharge your batteries ready to face the next day.
  • Someone offered to help you.

If we look hard enough at every bad day, there will be some good to be found in it. Take hope in that.

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