Too much time

With many of us working from home since this pandemic started, and not going out to events or to participate in hobbies or other activities, I suspect we’ve all found we’ve had a lot of time on our hands to find something to do.

So what have you done? Did you start a couch to 5K challenge, go on a fitness spree, work in the garden, or do all those DIY jobs that you’d never quite got round to doing before?

I find when I’m trying to start something new, I tend to have so many ideas that I am tempted to do or take on too many things at the same time. It can be overwhelming trying to work out what to do first, so I want to try and do a bit of everything, which means I end up not really achieving anything.

I realised a while ago that trying to start lots of things (no matter how small), at the same time, does not work for me, I need to just focus on one thing at a time – that way I am more likely to succeed.

So if you’re starting out on something new, or already started but not really getting anywhere, stop, and try focusing on just one thing, you might find that works better for you.

Good luck with any new things/tasks you decide to start.


  1. I am like that as well I knit lots of baby cardigans & Pom Pom covers so that has kept me busy but last week I had two things on knitting needles and I prefer to do just one thing before I start another. I also have kept myself busy on my IPad as well technology is wonderful.


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