Ask for help when needed

I’m the kind of person who will always try to be self-sufficient, so even when I’m struggling to cope with problems, I still find it hard to ask for help.

Problems can make it easy to get caught up in things when we’re really struggling. It can then be a vicious circle of trying to cope/survive, self doubt, fear of failure or fear of appearing to be a failure by having to ask for help. Sometimes even the smallest of problems make you feel your not coping, so it’s always a good idea to stop for a few minutes and actually review the problems you’re facing, so you can really understand whether they actually are big issues or not. If they are, and they are causing you stress or pressure, it’s time to admit you need to ask for help…and that’s the hard bit!

It’s never easy for me admitting when I’m struggling, regardless of how I’m struggling – emotional, physical, health, financial, relationship etc – it’s just who I am, so I always find it particularly difficult to reach out to someone and ask them for the help I need. But the times when I have taken that difficult step, it has been helpful, and the person I’ve reached out to has either helped or directed me to someone who could help. Often it’s just about telling someone about the problem that is the hardest part, rather than the expectation that they will be able to fix the issue.

Do you find it difficult to admit that you are struggling and need to ask someone for help? If so, I’d urge you to do so before your problems get worse. Even just sharing your problem with someone willing to listen can be a weight off your back.


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