Taking them down

On Tuesday this week we took down our Christmas decorations, as, to us, 5th January was the 12th day of Christmas. We noticed that the majority of our neighbours did the same, that is, all bar two of them who kept their Christmas trees and lights up and on through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, before finally taking them down some time between Friday evening and Saturday evening when we next noticed their Christmas lights were no longer on.

I know there are some debate about whether the 12th day of Christmas is actually the 5th or 6th January, and so there is debate on which date we should take down our Christmas decorations. That still doesn’t explain why some of my neighbours left their Christmas decorations on until yesterday.

I’m therefore curious to know when you took down your Christmas decorations, if in fact you have.

If you’d like to provide additional info about your response, please leave a comment against this post. Thank you!

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