New possibilities

In the last year we’ve all had to change our ‘normal’ routine because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has pretty much taken over how we have to live these days. I guess many of us have had to learn new skills, both for work, our family life, our personal life and our church life – we’ve had to learn how to get the most out of various communication and video platforms so we can talk and see our colleagues, friends and families.

We’ve had to find ways try and stop depression setting in when we’re confined to the house for weeks/months on end, and ways to encourage and support family and friends who are struggling with those same issues.

There’s also been lots of new projects at work and with church, all so we can continue to allow people to connect with one another – and with our band I’ve had to get used to recording myself playing (which I find really scary), so it can then be combined with the virtual recordings of the rest of the band into something excellent, so we could share on our band social media platforms and bless those who listened.

So maybe there have been some positives out of this last year when we’ve had to learn new things, and change how we interact with others in all aspects of our lives. Maybe it’s forced us to reevaluate how we do things both at works and church. Church being the best example of this, as who would ever have imagined church would no long take place in a building but online!

There is reason for encouragement because of some of these things we’ve had to learn during this pandemic, the things we’ve had to review and change because of the pandemic, and most of all, because of the COVID-19 vaccines programme, which will hopefully help protect us all from serious complications from COVID-19.

Go on, let’s get encouraged by what is our new ‘normal’, and the ‘new possibilities’ that that brings us.

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