How are you?

A question often asked by many, but one I’d suggest, that is often not answered truthfully – Would you agree?

Many tend to ask ‘How are you?’ when they meet/see someone, more as a greeting rather than as a question regarding others physical or mental health. So wouldn’t they get a surprise, and possibly feel uncomfortable if the person they asked this of actually get them a truthful answer about how they really felt!

There’s then the occasions when family or close friends ask one another how they are. I would suggest that these are the people that we’re most likely to give an honest answer to, especially as they are probably the ones who know our situations/circumstances best, so are likely to be asking out of real concern.

I guess in these times when we are in lockdown (here in the UK at least), so the majority of people are working from home, and possibly home schooling too. This can add all sorts of pressures on our mental health and our relationships with other members of our household who we are with 24/7. So maybe these days when someone asks ‘How are you?’ they are taking into consideration current circumstances, and asking how you’re coping with home working and home schooling. Now is time like no other, when we should be looking out for one another, asking how each other are, as we’re more likely to be suffering from mental health issues during these times of lockdown.

So next time you ask someone how they are, maybe ask how they’re coping with lockdown, home working and home schooling. Sometime all someone needs is just to talk to someone, not necessarily because they can fix anything, but just because they can listen, and offer support through encouragement and a listening ear.

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