Another delivery!

Before you read any further, you may want to read what I posted earlier this week in Home Delivery!, as today’s post is a follow-up to that post.

We’ll we decided to give Sainsbury’s home delivery another chance, so we placed a home delivery order for delivery today between 1pm and 2pm. We were a bit apprehensive about today’s delivery, given them cancelling our delivery 5 minutes from the end of our delivery slot time last week. So if you want to know how today’s delivery went, read on…

Success…our delivery arrived at 1:05pm today, so right on time. There were a few issues with dates – one item had yesterday on it, and another had tomorrow on it, there was also one item we had to give back to the driver – it was a substituted item, but a very strange substitution which we would use. The dates on all items were great with most things had a date within the next 5 days on them – particularly strange as a number of these items we got last week too, and they had much longer dates on them than than they did today. Seems the manager did a better job of picking good dated items than their usual pickers!

Today’s delivery was ok, but that said we still find the dates on items from Sainsbury’s is not as good as Tesco, and at least with Tesco online it tells you how many days should be on all items, whereas Sainsbury’s don’t give that info for almost all items.

So because we expected dates wouldn’t be as good from Sainsbury’s today, we’ve booked a Tesco order for later this coming week, by which time we’ll need another delivery.

All in all it was a successful delivery from Sainsbury’s this time after the fiasco that we had with last week’s delivery. But we’ll be reticent to have confidence in Sainsbury’s deliveries after last week, but at least today’s delivery was ok.


  1. Just gave your post 3 stars as it was ok, but I read your blog for your christian message and the lovely music and words you share not to read about your shopping. I know you can’t please everyone all the time, so I know there will be posts like this which aren’t really for me. Thanks for inspiring me with your other posts though.


    1. Thanks for your comments, and thanks for letting me know you find some of my posts inspiring.
      I tend to just share what’s on my mind, so that’s why you’ll find I blog about some random topics at time. Hope you continue to follow my blog, and are challenged by my some of my posts.


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