With my life

While I was preparing my post for Wednesday (All Sufficient One), I looked for a YouTube video of a Salvation Army band playing the chorus Faithful God, I came across this video of another song called Faithful God. Although it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time, I listened to the song and immediately decided it was one I wanted to share with you.

So here it is, Faithful God by I Am They, enjoy.

 I am surrounded  
 On every side, can’t see the light of day  
 But I am persuaded 
 Beyond all hope, You won’t let go of me 
 I stake my claim  
 On every word You say 
 You will not be late  
 I will sing through fire and thunder 

 Cause You are on my side 
 I trust You with my life 
 I know my story, it isn’t over 
 Even against all odds 
 You are a faithful God 
 That’s who You are 
 You are a faithful God 
 The darkest of weather

 Though I can’t see, I still believe You’re good  So I’m moving forward  
 Through crashing waves, I know I’m safe with You 
 You hold my life  
 You hear my cry  
 With every breath inside 
 I am convinced 
 That Your promises will hold together 
 And I will dwell 
 In the hope of Your love forever

I’ve already spoken this week about God’s faithfulness to us, and this song reminds us again of this. God does surround us, and I for one trust Him with my life. He’s shown me before that He has plans for me, and that my life is important to Him.

Do you trust God with your life?

God is faithful, and because of that we should trust Him with our heart, our life and our all. When we do, we will can live in His love forever.

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