Give me words

In earlier blog posts this week, I’ve spoken a few times about how difficult life can be at time. It’s during those times when we’re in most need of God, that we can finest hardest to pray. I know that seems confusing, but when life get’s tough, human nature makes us think God has deserted us, and then in turn, that makes it more and more difficult for us to find words to pray, in turn again because we find it hard to pray, it convinces us more and more that God has deserted us. Our life starts to spiral downward out of control…

Even when we feel God has deserted us, He hasn’t. In fact he never leave us, as he’s by our side always. It may well be only once you are no longer going through those tough times, that you come to realise that God was actually the one who led you through those dark day…I know that is exactly what I have experienced.

So even when you can’t find the words to pray, God know what’s in your heart, and will find those words for you.

So, Give me Words to speak
Let my Spirit sleep
Cause I can't think of anything worth saying
But I know that I owe You my life
So give me Words to speak
Don't let my Spirit sleep

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