Not a bank holiday for everyone!

Today in UK is May Day bank holiday Monday, so the schools are closed, some shops and businesses are closed…but not all of them!

I’ve worked for the same organisation for many years, and up until just a few years ago, we used to get every bank holiday going, and actually got more bank holidays than most others. However a few years ago all bar Easter, Christmas and New Year bank holidays were taken off our leave entitlement, however we didn’t lose the leave, as these statutory days were added to our annual leave entitlement.

I know many don’t like the fact that we don’t get these bank holidays as statutory leave anymore, however folk can still request those days off on annual leave, and assuming there is no urgent work and these is cover, they can normally still get those days off if they wish.

I was talking to a couple of folk a few days ago, and they seemed amazed that I was working today (from home which is my norm these days), as they thought ‘everyone’ had the day off. I therefore explained to them just what I’ve explained here that we don’t get this bank holiday any more. To be honest I don’t mind the fact that I was working today when others were off, as it gives me more flexibility to take my days off at a time that suits me best, rather than on a day when everyone else is off. However I do understand that for some, it may give added problems for childcare if they are no longer able to take these public or ‘bank holidays’ off.

Anyway, I hope you have all had a great holiday Monday, regardless of whether you have been working or have had the day off.

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