Not a cook or a baker

Those who know me, will know that I have never professed to be a cook or a baker. I cooke because I have to so we can eat – My food usually tastes ok but doesn’t necessarily look the best. My Mum was a good cook and a fabulous baker – I loved how, even after I got married and moved out, whenever she did any baking she’d bake two of whatever she was making, so she could give me and hubby one of them – We loved it!

For many of the things Mum baked she didn’t use a recipe because she’d memories and possibly tweaked the recipes over the years. I do now own a tin and a handwritten notebook, full of recipes Mum used to use. As yet I’ve not tried any of them, as my baking will never live up to my Mum’s baking.

I have however made one of two of the main meals Mum had recipes for – While they maybe didn’t look as good as Mum’s did, they did taste ok, so maybe there’s still hope for me yet!

One of these days, I’ll maybe try and bake one of the things in Mum’s recipes tin or book. However I already know, not matter how well I bake, my baking will never taste as great as Mum’s baking. I miss Mum’s baking, but even more so, I miss Mum.

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