In the quiet times

If you’re unsure why we should spend quiet time with God, here’s a few thoughts about the benefits of spending quiet time with Him.

When we spend regular quiet time with God, we deepen our relationship with Him.

Time is precious to us all, but if we set aside a regular time each day to we show discipline as we practice self-control which will help us to grow spiritually.

Maybe instead of setting aside a specific time of day to spend time with God, you find yourself getting to the end of each day before you realise you haven’t had a second thought for God. I can only speak for myself, but for me, it’s to that I intend to ignore God during a day, it’s more the case that I get so pre-occupied with work and other responsibilities, or I’m just too tired to and want to rest. I forget that God is right there with me throughout the dayGod is right there, present in every moment. So that’s why I try to make sure I set aside the same time each day to focus on God, as that way it will become a habit to remember God is with me always.

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