Innocent or guilty

If you were put on trial today, in front of a jury, would they find you guilty of living a Christian life, or would they not find enough evidence to convict you?

It’s quite a thought isn’t it?

When we think about our lives as a Christian, I’m sure we will all identify many times where we have not said or done what we should have. i.e. We’ve been guilty of failing as a Christian, and failing God.

While that may sound really harsh, it is true, as human beings we are imperfect and so we fail. However the good news is, God knows we are imperfect, and will forgive us. Our responsibility as Christians is to seek God’s forgiveness when we fail Him, and to ask Him to help and guide us.

So whether you think you’d be found innocent or guilty if you were put on trial today for being a Christian, God still loves us and will help us improve our chances of being found guilty of being a Christian if we were to face the same trial again.

I know I’m far from being found guilty just now of being a Christian, as I fail so often. However I pray that through God’s help I will become more like Him, so that if retried, I would be found guilty of being a Christian.

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