Holiday weekend?

One thing we can usually be sure of at holiday weekends, is that the weather will be rotten, i.e. it will be wet and sometimes even a few degrees cooler than it has been the rest of the week. Having made that statement, I now want to ask, have the last few days actually been a holiday weekend, as the weather has been fantastic!?

We’ve had a scorcher, and it’s been dry! It’s not like us to have weather like this on a holiday weekend. I don’t get these bank holidays from work, however I did on this occasion take Friday and Monday of the bank holiday weekend off.

I may have had the Friday and Monday off soI had a long weekend off work, but I spent the majority of the weekend indoors doing work in the house as it needs to be completed before work is scheduled to start inside our house in a couple of weeks. I really do pick my weekends don’t I!

I have been able to enjoy some of the fantastic weather as I have also done a little bit of work in the garden as well as all the preparatory work I was doing in the house. I think I needed to go back to work today so I could have a rest!

I hope you had more time than I did this last holiday weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather. Let’s hope the weather continues like this for a while to come, so we can all enjoy it.

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