Unworthy of His love

There are times when I feel so unworthy of God’s love. One of those is when I hear about all the selfless deeds someone I know has done, which just radiate God’s love, and show they are a true Christian.

Whenever I feel unworthy of God’s love, I always end up examining my life and realising (again!) how far I am from living as a Christian. It’s upsetting that despite having been there and had this look at myself before, I’m still failing God daily.

I feel so unworthy of God’s love, He presents me with opportunities to do selfless acts, but I ignore or turn away from Him, and instead, I’ve done my own thing.

I am challenged again to be a better person, and a better Christian – one who focuses more on others needs than my own. I know God will give me the strength and help to be all He wants me to be.

So today I pray again that God will forgive me for my selfishness and will help me to be a better me. I know I can’t do this on my own, so I also pray that God will give me the strength and guidance I need to focus more on others than on myself.

Words I’ve used before, but words that remind me if I make time for God in my life, He will help me be a better me.

In this quiet moment, still, before your throne,
Conscious of your presence, knowing I am known,
In this quiet moment, set my spirit free,
In this quiet moment, make a better me.

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