Pray for Christian Eriksen

Whether you are a football fan or not; Whether you are supporting the Danish football team or not; I ask you all to pray for one of Denmark’s star players, Christian Eriksen, who just before half time in his country’s first game of the tournament, collapsed to the ground with no-one around him. He appeared to be unconscious, and players from both teams, as well as the match officials immediately called for medical attention for him.

While Eriksen’s teams mate stood round him, to show their support for their stricken team mate, and block tv cameras from seeing what was going on, we could see the medical staff were having to give Eriksen CPR.

There was an eerie silence around the stadium interrupted only by the fans clapping and cheering at one point to show their support for Eriksen. After what seemed like a long time, Eriksen was taken off the park on stretcher. By this time the BBC coverage had returned to the studio where the pundits there struggled to know what to say, other than to offer their support and prayers for Eriksen. The BBC coverage was then ended, and other programmes were shown on BBC.

The Denmark v Finland game has been suspended. There is no news yet on what will happen with the match.

News is now coming through that Eriksen is now at hospital and his is awake and speaking. I thank God for this, and pray that Eriksen will now receive the medical attention and diagnosis required, so that he can make a full recovery. I pray also for his family, friends as well as his team mates, the Finnish players, match officials and spectators who all witnessed this awful event close hand.

I pray for Christian Eriksen, and ask that you do too.

I simply remind you of Fabrice Muamba who collapsed in similar fashion during a Tottenham v Bolton cup game in 2012 – His heart stopped for 78 minutes, but survived. I pray Eriksen will also survive and make a full recovery.

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