Whose are you?

I was recently reminded of an occasion a few years ago when I met someone in one of my local shops, who I recognised, but I wasn’t sure exactly why I recognised them. To cut a long story a little shorter, we both seemed to recognise one another so said hello to one another.

However when I told them my name, that didn’t seem to help the person know me, so I told them my maiden name, and my parents names – That did the trick as they then realised who I was. It turned out they were friends of my Mum and Dad. The person apologised for not recognising me, but we both agreed it had bee a while since we’d seen one another, plus she didn’t remember my married name.

Not sure what brought this occasion into my mind this week, but it did get me thinking – While from looking at me there was nothing this friend of my parents could see to tell them who I was, they were able understand who I was once I gave them more information about me.

I hope the same is not necessary when it comes to others recognising me as a Christian, because I hope my words and actions tell others that I’m a Christian.

Can others see whose you are by the way you live your life? If not it’s time to remind yourself whose you are.

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