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When people throw stones at you, you can choose to throw them back, to stumble on them, to climb over them, or to build with them. ~ Nicky Gumbel

Yes, stones may hurt and scar you when people throw them at you, but ultimately, as this quote from Nicky Gumbel suggests, it’s how we deal with the situation that shows our character and our strength.

Don’t let stones be your downfall. Instead, learn from them, and use them to build a better you.


God needs all of us, those who have gained university degrees and passed all their schools/college exams with great grades, but he also needs the rest of us too.

To serve God we don’t need to have lots or qualifications, in fact we don’t need to have any qualifications, we simply need to give our lives fully to God and He will give us all the knowledge and training we need to tell others about Him.

Christ shed His blood for us on that very first Easter Friday.

Christ shed His blood for us so that we could be forgiven.

On that very first Easter Friday, the Easter story began, and because of that first Easter Friday, we remember that day every year.

Christ was crucified at Calvary on that first Easter, just so we could be forever forgiven. What better day is there to celebrate God’s love for us, than on the day when we remember the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us.

Lord, make Calvary real to me;
Lord, make Calvary real to me.
Open mine eyes to see victory in Christ for me;
Lord, make Calvary real to me.

So today, don’t let Easter just be a story that we hear each year, make it real by seeking God and acknowledging His sacrifice for us. Make Easter about the cross, His blood, God’s forgiveness and Christ!




At the core

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God’s goodness is the centre of our Christian faith, the core of all be believe in. God’s goodness desires that He provided salvation for us through His son.

Everything God does is for us and for our good, and that is evidenced all around us in the crops provided by the land, and even by the air that we breathe.

It is God’s desire that we emanate His goodness in our lives, but we have to desire to be good. Even then we can only show God’s goodness in our lives when God is at the core of our lives.

Our goal in life should therefore be to make God the centre of all we do, so we can show the goodness of God to others every day by the way we live our lives.

God can

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god can

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe God can do anything?

Do you believe God can heal the broken-hearted?

Do you believe God can help you achieve anything?

Do you believe God will help you achieve everything he asks of you?

I believe, do you?


If you look in a dictionary, the word grace has many meanings. Here’s a few of them that are relevant here:

  • mercy; clemency
  • the free and unmerited favour of God shown towards man
  • the divine assistance and power given to man in spiritual rebirth and sanctification
  • the condition of being favoured or sanctified by God
  • an unmerited gift, favour, etc, granted by God

Yes, God has given me a second chance. In fact he’s given each one of a second chance. God loved each of us so much that Jesus died for us at Calvary, just so we could be saved.

God loves each of us, and is has promised to always love us, regardless of what we do. However his desire is that we give our heart and our all to God, and let Him use us to tell others about His unfailing love.

Grace has called my name. God has called my name, and I knelt before Him and gave Him my all. Have you?

Ever wondered just how much we should thank God for all He provides for us and all He does for us?

Well just last night I found myself considering that question. So what were my conclusions?

My conclusion was that we can never thank God too much for all He has done for us, and all He continues to do for us! Whether we thank God once a week, once a day, or a hundred times a day, it will never be enough to truly thank God for everything.

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks for ever (Psalm 30:11-12 NIV).

For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. (Ephesians 1:15-16 NIV).

So if we can never say thank you enough to God, how do we thank Him?

We serve Him and do His will…that’s all He asks of us!

How Could I Ever Say Thank You by Kathryn Scott
How could I ever say thank You
When the whole of this life’s not enough
Though I offer each breath back in worship
It never could match Your great love
So great are Your ways
Such encompassing grace
Love that reaches beyond each defense
Your mercy disarms the most broken of hearts
Such complete and profound faithfulness
How could I thank You
How could I ever repay You
When You laid aside Heaven for me
You came to the earth its Creator
Incarnate to set sinners free
I love You Lord
I love You Lord
I love You Lord 
I love you Lord

…sadly, this is often how it can feel when you have no children and all those you spend time with, have kids.

Before I go any further with this blog post I just want to clarify a couple of things following my blog post Childless = Alone from Friday night:

  • I really do love children, I’m just sorry we’ve not gt any of our own.
  • I do not dislike others talking about their kids, however if all you want to talk about in my presence is your kids and how much you want another child, and that you can’t wait to have another child, please don’t be surprised if I’m just a tad upset!

I don’t know about you but have you noticed how many leisure activities/events are geared towards families? I have!

I’ve found that no matter where we go or what we’re involved in, many of the events or activities that are organised, are focused on families and/or the children in particular. Again I must stress that children are important and we must ensure we do all we can to make them feel wanted and part of the group, however what are those of us without kids supposed to do, or feel?

If we turn up to family events, there’s little for us, as much is aimed around the children or the parents and their children. If we don’t turn up at all, no-one notices…and then we feel excluded.

Can I tell you the one place when I find I feel excluded most, because we have no children? Sadly I have to tell you that it’s at my church. What makes it even more difficult for me at my church is that I’m the only person in my family who attends that particular church, and therefore whenever there are family events on I really am excluded as I have no family there.

The worst occasions for me are always the meetings when we are told it’s a family service so instead of sitting in our usual place in the band/songsters/congregation, we’re asked to sit with our family – These are the times when I seriously wonder if anyone considers how those of us with no family there, feel. I can honestly say I always avoid attending these meetings, and as far as I’m aware no-one has ever noticed – at least I’ve never been asked why I wasn’t there.

I know no-one will even intentionally have meant to make anyone feel excluded or uncomfortable, because I can assure you it is hard on those of us with no children, and doubly hard on those of us who have no other family at the event.

Please remember we are all God‘s children, and as such we must love everyone equally. Don’t discriminate, either on purpose or by accident, against those of us who have no children or have no other family members around them, as we can feel alone and excluded during family events.

I hope you enjoy this video of Child of God by Kathryn Scott:

…sadly this is how it can often feel just because we have no kids.

I’m sure people don’t mean it but I often find when around others who have families, there’s so much talk about their child did this or tha, or it was nice to go here or there and do such and such with the kids, that’s it can sometimes be very hard to feel at ease.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect other to stop talking about their kids when I’m around, that would be ridiculous, and I’d find that even more uncomfortable. However in saying that, there are definitely some situations, and some people who seem to be oblivious to other people – yes, those I’m talking about know nothing about the reasons why we’ve not had any kids, nor should they have to.

Don’t get me wrong I love kids, and am always delighted when I hear of family and friends when I hear they are expecting a child. I love kids and would have been delighted had we ever been privileged to have any, however for reasons I’m not going to get into, we have never  had any kids.

I just pray that those of you who have children truly appreciate and love them, because you are so lucky, there are many of us who would have loved to have children but have for one reason or another not had any. If you have children and are estranged from them, please, I urge you try and rebuild those bridges and pick up a phone and give them a call today, say a pray for them as God will always listen to your prayers and will answer them in some way at some time.

God loves us all, because we are all His children – Therefore we must appreciate and love our children, just as God loves us.

With every breath with every salt
From what it seem to the deepest part
I offer all that I?ve come to be
To know your love fathering me

Father you’re all I need
My souls sufficiency
My strength when I am weak
The love that carries me
You arms enfold me
Till I am only
A child of God

With every step on this journey’s walk
And wisdom songs
But the soul is sad
I give my self unreservedly
To know your love fathering

Father you’re all I need
My souls sufficiency
My strength when I am weak
The love that carries me
You arms enfold me till I am only
A child of God

We often hear people saying that they sacrificed x or y for z. Sometimes their sacrifice can seem insignificant to others who don’t truly understand just what the sacrifice means to those involved. Other times the sacrifices we hear others have made can sound awesome and beyond belief because of the just how much they appear to have sacrificed.

Whatever the sacrifice, the important thing is the reason for the sacrifice and the willingness the person showed to make the sacrifice. There is of course one person in history who has paid the ultimate sacrifice just for you and for me, and that of course is Jesus.

Today on Good Friday, we celebrate and remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid all those years ago when He was crucified at Calvary.

Don’t let Jesus’ sacrifice be in vain, let Jesus into your life today by kneeling before Him at the foot of the cross and offering yourself to His service.

At The Foot of The Cross by Kathryn Scott

At the foot of the cross
Where grace and suffering meet
You have shown me Your love
Through the judgment You received

And You’ve won my heart
Yes You’ve won my heart
Now I can

Trade these ashes in for beauty
And wear forgiveness like a crown
Coming to kiss the feet of mercy
I lay every burden down
At the foot of the cross

At the foot of the cross
Where I am made complete
You have given me life
Through the death You bore for me

I’m laying every burden down
I’m laying every burden down