Search me

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared some devotions. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.

Explore me, O God, and know the real me. Dig deeply and discover who I am.
    Put me to the test and watch how I handle the strain.
Examine me to see if there is an evil bone in me,
    and guide me down Your path forever.

Psalm 139:23-24 (The Voice)

While reading Psalm 139 in my devotions, I was struck by David asking God to search his heart, and point out to him all that He found to be inappropriate.

It got me thinking about my own life, and what God can see in my heart. Am I willing to ask God to search my heart today, and point out all my faults?

Though a part of me doesn’t really want to be told what is wrong in my heart, I know that I need to see my sin as God sees it, so that I might seek God’s forgiven and try to be more like Jesus.

God can reveal our failings and our sins in many ways – by reading the bible; by listening to God’s message through other’s devotions or their preaching; through the love our family and friends share with us; and by listening to God when we speaks to us.

I pray today that I may always be willing to ask God to search my heart, and open to whatever He may highlight I need to change. I know that whatever my failings, I can ask God to help me change, so that I can become more like Him.

Are you willing to ask God to search your heart today? Are you ready for God to point out the things in your life that are not pleasing to Him?

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