Through my darkness

Let’s be honest, It can be hard at times to pray, particularly when we’re going through some difficult times. In tough times it can be difficult to even tell those closest to us just how deep you’re hurting or how scared you feel.

But God knows what’s in our hearts even before we know ourselves; He knows how we feel before we have even realised what we’re feeling; and He knows what we need before we even know or understand what we need. So continue to try spend quiet, focused time with God, sit in silence, and if you can tell God how you feel, but don’t worry if you can’t find the words to describe to God how you feel, because God is still listening and know what’s in our heart.

At those times, probably the most important thing we can do is continue to trust God, because it can be so easy to think that just because we can’t find the words to pray, that God has forgotten or deserted us – The complete opposite is true, God loves us as strengthens and guides us through the darkness, we just need to keep holding His hand, and trust Him.

When the darkness falls around me,
When bewildered and afraid,
When I feel the most deserted and betrayed,
Then my ev’ry need is answered
By God’s providential care,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer, my prayer,
Then my ev’ry need in answered
BY God’s providential care,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer.

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