A song of thanks

Saying thank you to people when they do something for me, is something I was taught from a very early age. It therefore means that as a matter of habit, I say ‘thank you’ or ‘thanks’ to people when they give me something or do something for me. Sadly that’s not the standard that everyone aims for.

There is actually one person who I must admit, I don’t aways say thank you to, and that is God. God does more for me than anyone else, and therefore it gives me no excuse for not thanking Him for all he does for me. I pray regularly, and often thank Him for answered pray for others, and bring people and situations to Him. Saying thank you to God should be a priority for me, so I will aim and say thank you to Him for all he does for me, every time I pray.

If you don’t say thank you to others or to God for all they do for you, I encourage you start saying those two words, ‘thank you’, from now on.

The following words are ones we often use at Harvest, to thank God for all He does for us. I pray that I will be grateful to God for all He does for me, and thank God for that.

Now thank we all our God, 
with heart and hands and voices, 
who wondrous things has done, 
in whom this world rejoices; 
who from our mothers' arms 
has blessed us on our way 
with countless gifts of love, 
and still is ours today. 

Here’s Birmingham Citadel Band with ‘A Psalm of Praise’ which was written especially for them. It features the tunes to which we associate the words of ‘Now thank we all our God’.

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