Today is the letter “A”

Another summer seems to be gone.

As autumn is well and truly here.

A darkness is descending each day, meaning morning’s are darker and the light has to be put on earlier each evening.

After some warmer days a couple of weeks ago, the temperature has dropped a number of degrees.

A few degrees coolers and so even the central heating has kicked in a few times in the last couple of days.

Although the heating has come on, it’s been welcome, as it’s definitely been a little cool in the house, so some heat was welcome.

Almost didn’t make it to October before the heating was on, but made it into October, just!

Autumn is here again, and soon we’ll realise even autumn has gone and winter has arrived.

All the colours on the trees and the changing colours tell us autumn is here.All the colours of nature should be enjoyed as they are all provided by God.

Although COVID-19 is still with us, hopefully the coming months will not be as bad as some are predicting, as many are vaccinated now. All I can tell you is that if you’re offered the COVID-19 vaccine and you haven’t had it, do it now, as the majority of those hospitalised by COVID-19 now are those who haven’t been vaccinated.

A prayer from each of us to ask God to protect us as we head into autumn and then winter, will help us through these coming months.

At least then we will have hope for a our future, and take time to enjoy the many changing colours of autumn.

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