Root cause

What do you do when you feel alone? Phone a friend? Visit someone you consider a friend?

Or maybe you have used Google to find out how you improve your feelings of loneliness?

In order to help us reduce our feelings of loneliness we must try and establish what has caused those feelings to surface now – what has triggered those deep feelings of loneliness that make you feel like you can’t cope with your situation, and your life at present.

We all have different things which can trigger feelings of loneliness, and once we can establish what they are, it will help us to establish a coping mechanism to help us through times that would normally trigger our feelings of isolation and loneliness.

One thing I have realised I need to always do when I feel alone, is remind myself that God love me, and that he has promised to always be by my side. I just need to remember to always trust in God.

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