Wear a mask or don’t?

Another night another concert, and another night of mixed messages about whether people are required to wear a mask in the auditorium or not.

There were announcements stating everyone (unless exempt) were required to wear a face mask in the auditorium at all times. But there were some people who, as soon as they sat down in their seat, took their mask off.

At the interval, the venue staff started telling some people that they needed to wear their face mask. That would have been great if they’d actually told everyone who had taken their mask off! They seem to have chosen randomly who to speak to , and who not to speak to about wearing a face mask at all times.

We were in seats with 2 people on own immediate right, 2 directly in front of us, and about 10 empty seats to our left and the seats in front of them free too. We found those sitting on our right took their masks off as soon as they reached their seats, and then proceeded to talk loudly through the whole first half of the concert; and those sitting in front of us did wear masks at all. So at the interval, we moved along about 4 seats to our left, so we no longer had anyone sitting directly in front, or beside us.

We would have been fine sitting in our allocated seats if those beside us and in front of us, had abided by the rules and worn a mask throughout. We just don’t get why some think it’s ok for them to disregard the rules, and actually break the law, by not wearing a mask when the law states we are required to. No wonder our COVID rates are remaining high.

Come on folks, wear a mask to protect yourself, and to protect others who may be more vulnerable than you! Thank you.

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