Earlier this week in Failed to Act, I spoke about how we can sometimes be in a situation where we can either taken action/react or stay silent/observe. Sometimes in those situations we can regret the decision we took, and which we could replay the situation all over again, so that this time we can do something different.

Today I want you to think back to a scenario in your past where you have regretted either not taking action, or taking a particular action. It won’t change what you did or didn’t do, but if in your mind you go back to that day, and this time you do take a different action than you did on that specific day, let it play out in your head.

It may help you realise that although the situation may turn out differently, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be better for you or others involved. So put that situation to bed, let it be put firmly in the past, and move on in the knowledge that every action or inaction we take had led us to where we are now in our lives. And although we may wish we’d done things differently in particular situations, we can’t go back and change them, and even if we could, we may find how things turned out at the time, may have been the best outcome that could have happened.

Replay situations in your life, but done let them consume you if you feel you could have done better, because they are all in the past, and what happened has made us who we are today.

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