There are times

During our morning worship on Sunday at Bellshill we were reminded that while our past is part of our history, it is now in the past. We were therefore encouraged to leave our past in the past, and concentrate on the present and the future.

Coincidently, after our morning worship I came across the following quote, which reminded me again to leave the past in the past and concentrate on how God wants to to change me into a better version of me now, so that I can be the person He needs me to be from now on.


  1. This is very true but it is hard too. Tragedy’s that happens In your life are hard to get over. We have just to try and accept the Lord’s plans


  2. Yes, there is so much suffering we experience because we try to control something which is absolutely out of our control: The Past. I find it helpful, if I begin to think about how I could have done something better in the past, simply to acknowledge that it is done, all I can do now is learn from it and move onward.

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