Christmas panic

Yes it definitely has, and as usual I’m not organised at all!

I am now in panic mode realising that not only have I not even worked out how many Christmas cards I need to send, or list everyone I need to buy presents for, but I have now only got 3 weeks to not only work these things out, decide what to buy, purchase the gifts, wrap them and deliver or send them all! Yes I’m definitely in Christmas panic mode now.

How about you you are you much more organised than me, bought all your Christmas cards, and bought and wrapped all or most of your presents already? Or are you, in panic mode, just like me? If so, I apologise for reminding you how little time is left for us both to get organised for Christmas.

I guess the main thing I need to keep reminding myself of is that after today, there’s still another 20 days until Christmas Day…in other words, there’s lots of shopping time left until Christmas! I just need to start getting organised, and that is my plan for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I hope you are also able to get organised for Christmas, so you feel more in control and more organised about all you want to do before Christmas, so good luck to you too!

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